On-the-Job Program Questionnaire
Given Names:
Course Name:
How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
I am satisfied with progress through the course
The course covers sufficient skills to carry out job tasks
I have a good working relationship with my AIBT Facilitator
A regular course routine was established
The course resource materials used are appropriate and useful
Enough time is available to complete the requirements of the course
I feel that there is enough support being provided from the workplace supervisor
Enough course support is being provided from the Employer
Enough support is being received from AIBT
Enough time is being provided to practice skills
Opportunity is provided to recognise existing skills and knowledge
Adequate information on the assessment process was provided at the start of the course
Adequate information on the recognition process was provided at the start of the course
If you have disagreed with any statement, please comment below.
What was the most satisfying aspect of the program?
Are your expectations of AIBT satisfied? Do you feel you have received appropriate support and advice?
Do you have any further comments that may help us improve the program?
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